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An Asian-American Who's Bad at Math?

Have you ever felt surprised when you found out that an Asian American student didn't excel academically?  Did you expect them to at least be good at math? Perhaps you just assumed that the Asian-American kid you went to school with would grow up to be a doctor.  Surely they were smart.  After all, Asians are smart, right? Congratulations, you've stereotyped someone based on the Model Minority myth. What's the Model Minority Myth? You've probably learned about the Chinese railroad workers  during one of your American History classes at some point.  During this period of the 1800s, as the availability of gold from the Gold Rush slowly decreased and the need for cheap labor around American industrialization increased, Chinese immigrants who had traveled to California were quickly hired for cheap wages  to do the hard labor that was in demand by unscrupulous employers. Unhappy with dwindling job availabilities while surrounded by immigrants with j

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